We are doing things!

From coveted islands of the Atlantic coast to the cold towering waves of the Pacific, this years effort is to clean as much as we can in between. We want you to follow along with the journey. From upcoming events to where we are right now, this page will serve as your navigational hub. Now read some stories and then come join in our efforts to Leave It Better!

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From sea to shining sea, we are making our way across the country. Follow the link below to see where we are at right now! Whether your curious as to our whereabouts or you want to predict our movements so you can come ride along for a bit. We'd be happy to see ya!



We are working closely with Gear Junkie and REI this year to help share our story with everybody. As a result, we have an awesome landing page for all of our recent articles and monthly trip updates. So before you take off, be sure you know where to land. 


We move around a lot. This year we want communities to know when we are coming to clean their local favorites.  We will also use this page to announce visits and engagements as we tour across the country. We look forward to meeting you!