*In Progress*Our passion for clean trails is deeply rooted in our love for the outdoors. Our focus is not just based in trash removal but we are doing our best to inspire a greater level of environmental stewardship every where we visit. as a wholen a desire  Leave No Trace ethics.  yet. The name really speaks for itself- Packing It Out. By removing trash near trail-heads and along trails we can make our trails even more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing for everyone. Packing It Out is also a call to action for anyone who goes out and enjoys our nation’s trails. Packing out what you pack in is not a new concept; though, I think making a point to pick up other peoples trash has become more or less an afterthought. How many people do you see picking up trash during their hike? How many thru-hikers stop to sweep the trail of litter? I’m by no means condemning those who haven’t been picking up other peoples trash along the trail. If you pick up a piece of trash while hiking you may feel obligated to pick up other pieces you see which in turn raises your pack weight. In the backpacking world additional/excess weight is the enemy. Is it worth the extra weight carried just to have cleaner trail? I certainly think so! Lets make trash removal a common practice regardless of how long we are on the trail. Whether we are going out for six minutes or six months, let’s make a point to clean up the trails we love. *To Be Edited*

Our Story

In 2015, Packing It Out completed thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail. Starting March 29, we backpacked over 2,000 miles from the AT's southern terminus, Springer Mountain, to the trails northern terminus, Mt. Katahdin. Along the way we put Packing  ItOut's mission into practice on a daily basis. The end result was a very clean trail, tons of inspired hikers and over 1,000 pounds of trash removed from one of America's first National Scenic Trails.

This year our plan is to do what we did last year on the Appalachian Trail to another one of America's scenic trails. We have chosen to try the Pacific Crest Trail. On April 20, we plan to begin walking north from the border of California and Mexico to the border of Washington and Canada. We are unsure as to how much trash we might find on the PCT. Regardless of the amount we find, this years effort will have a much larger impact on our communities as a whole. We started the Appalachian Trail with no outside support. This year we will have a number of sponsors helping with our trail needs and also helping to spread the Packing It Out's mission. We couldn't be more excited and look forward to seeing you all on the trail this year! *To Be Edited*


Inspire a greater sense of environmental stewardship in our communities by raising awareness for litter conditions on America's Trails.


This year are projected plans...Moving forwardd